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A dance movie about love and the drive to dance
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Mark Chervinsky: Producer of the Morristown dance movie

Mark Chervinsky After finishing film school at Syracuse University in 1999, Mark Chervinsky moved out to Los Angeles with his 1991 Ford Probe, a meager bankroll, and dreams of becoming a movie director. Financial realities forced Mark to put his skills to use as a reality-television editor, cutting shows such as "The Apprentice," "The Biggest Loser," and MTV's "Surf Girls," "Fear," and "Final Fu." But in his free time, he pursues his original passion: making movies.

After the Internet success of "That '70's Matrix," Mark sought a new creative project where he could put his shooting, directing and cutting talents to work. An accidental exposure to Shag's paintings at a local art gallery turned into an obsession with the artist and the tiki lifestyle. "The Sophisticated Misfit" was born weeks later, with the first shoot taking place at Shag's first Orange County exhibit at the Brea Art Gallery in September 2002. The end-result is a 60-minute documentary detailing Shag's ascent to the top of the modern-art world, and worries that overexposure and an embrace of commercialism will ultimately destroy his career.
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